Zombie Country Club 3 Wall Clock


For those searching for your own Zombie spirit in your world. Our 12 inch Wall Clock Collection features a quartz accurate movement. Unlike plastic wall clocks, you experience superior visibility with our mineral glass crystal. The printed ring on the crystal displays the numbers with a color coordinated outer bezel.

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Zombies have been a fascinating subject in popular culture for many years, particularly in the horror genre. Here are a few aspects that make zombies intriguing to people:

  1. The Undead and the Supernatural: Zombies are often depicted as reanimated corpses, which taps into our fascination with the supernatural and the concept of life after death. The idea of beings that should be dead but are still moving and functioning can be both eerie and captivating.
  2. Survival and Apocalyptic Scenarios: Zombie stories often revolve around survival in a post-apocalyptic world. This concept captures our imagination and raises questions about our own survival instincts and capabilities. It allows us to explore scenarios where humanity faces extreme challenges and tests its resilience.
  3. Fear and the Unknown: Zombies embody fear on multiple levels. They represent a threat to our safety, as their relentless pursuit of living beings creates a sense of imminent danger. Additionally, the transformation of humans into zombies raises questions about the loss of identity, morality, and the potential darkness within ourselves.
  4. Social Commentary: Zombie stories can also serve as social commentaries, reflecting societal concerns and anxieties. They have been used as metaphors for various issues, such as consumerism, conformity, pandemics, and the breakdown of social structures. By examining these themes through the lens of zombies, storytellers can provide social critique and provoke thought.
  5. Exploration of Human Nature: Zombie stories often delve into the complexities of human nature. They present scenarios where people face extreme circumstances and make difficult choices to survive. This exploration of morality, ethics, and the depths of human behavior can be thought-provoking and offer insights into the human condition.
  6. Popularity and Cultural Impact: Zombies have gained significant popularity in mainstream media, including movies, TV shows, video games, and literature. Their presence in popular culture has created a shared fascination and a sense of community among fans. The creativity and diversity in zombie storytelling have contributed to its enduring appeal.

It’s worth noting that the fascination with zombies varies from person to person. While some find them intriguing, others may not share the same level of interest. Ultimately, our fascination with zombies stems from our complex emotions, our curiosity about the unknown, and our desire to explore the darker aspects of human existence.