1979 Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin Collectors Wall Clock


Demonstrate your love of numismatics with this great image of an iconic coin!

Our 11.5” Wall Clocks feature an accurate quartz movement, and unlike the majority of plastic wall clocks on the market, we use actual mineral crystal glass for the window.

All Suntime Clocks come with a 1-Year Limited Warranty!

Specs: Clock Diameter: 11.5”
Clock Housing: Plastic with built-in mounting area
Movement: Quartz (1 AA battery Required – Not Included)
Window: Quality Mineral Crystal Glass

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The 1979 Susan B. Anthony Dollar holds importance in the realm of American coinage for several reasons. Here are the key reasons why the 1979 Susan B. Anthony Dollar is noteworthy:

Introduction of a New Dollar Coin: The 1979 Susan B. Anthony Dollar was the first circulating dollar coin in the United States since the end of the Eisenhower Dollar series in 1978. It was introduced as part of an effort to replace the paper dollar bill, which had a shorter lifespan and higher production costs. The Susan B. Anthony Dollar was an attempt to encourage the public to use dollar coins more regularly in daily transactions.

Representation of Women’s Rights and Suffrage: The coin was issued to honor Susan B. Anthony, a prominent figure in the women’s suffrage movement. Anthony played a crucial role in advocating for women’s rights, including the right to vote. By featuring Susan B. Anthony on the coin, the U.S. Mint acknowledged and celebrated her contributions to American history and women’s rights.

Unique Design: The design of the Susan B. Anthony Dollar is distinctive and different from previous U.S. coins. The obverse (front) of the coin features a portrait of Susan B. Anthony, while the reverse (back) depicts an eagle landing on the surface of the moon. The coin’s smaller size and copper-nickel clad composition differentiate it from previous dollar coins.

Public Reception and Circulation Challenges: The introduction of the Susan B. Anthony Dollar faced mixed public reception. The coin’s similarity in size and appearance to the quarter led to confusion and difficulties in distinguishing between the two coins. This, along with the public’s preference for the convenience of paper currency, resulted in limited circulation of the coin in daily transactions.

Legacy and Collectibility: Although the Susan B. Anthony Dollar did not gain widespread popularity in circulation, it has become a collectible item among numismatists. The coin holds historical significance as the first U.S. dollar coin to feature a woman, and it represents an important milestone in the recognition of women’s contributions to American society.

Transition to the Sacagawea Dollar: The production of the Susan B. Anthony Dollar series ended in 1981, and it was followed by the introduction of the Sacagawea Dollar in 2000. The Sacagawea Dollar carried forward the effort to promote the use of dollar coins and featured a new design portraying Sacagawea, a Native American woman who played a vital role in the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Overall, the 1979 Susan B. Anthony Dollar holds historical and cultural importance as the first circulating U.S. dollar coin in over a decade and for honoring the contributions of Susan B. Anthony to women’s rights. While it faced challenges in circulation, the coin remains an intriguing collectible and serves as a reminder of the ongoing pursuit of gender equality in the United States.